Make sure your team knows what to do and when to do it. I had put a note on his desk.   He was the most reliable employee who worked there.  That’s why he got the task. But he looked at me with disbelief when I asked him about it. Not good. My first thought...
Early is on time, on time is late… You are in the flow and making progress.  You checked off your most important tasks early today.  Now your checking off busy work. Then it happens… A text message. It’s the other half of your two-person at home rock-star team.   “Did you send the invitations out?”...
You can’t get ahead switching between your tasks and inbox I sat down at my computer to prioritize my day. I did my normal routine of checking my inbox for fires that need to be put out. Nothing urgent and important from friends or coworkers. UGH! There was one email that stuck out.  Fraud. I...
You probably think that sounds too good to be true… Most of the time I would agree with you, but not this time.  This time, as they say, is different. Productivity Guru’s Advice One of the productivity gurus recommends keeping track of what you do during the day for a week.  After a few days,...

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