$80 Billion! That’s Warren Buffett’s net worth! He gave away his secret on being productive and it’s shockingly easy for you to do. Warren Buffett is, obviously, good at doing his most important tasks.  You may disagree with what he focuses on, but it’s hard to argue against how effective he is. So how does...
Every day when I fire up my Toodledo, I have a handful of projects or tasks that I’m working on. I’ll probably finish half this week (it’s the Holidays… yeah, that’s it). I’ll push out a few of these until later. And on Sundays I re-evaluate if some of them are just not meant to...
Have you ever wondered why your to-do list seems actively work against you instead helping you focus on the things you need to get done? Learn why you need a method that works for you to reap the most benefit from your to-do list app
When it comes to emails, there are two types of people in the world.   That used to be me on the right. Before Dropbox and Google Drive, I used to email drafts to myself to ensure I had version history. I’d constantly email myself tasks to remember to do. And then every morning I’d...
Here at Toodledo, we want to enable every person get the most out of life by focusing on what matters most. We do this by building productivity tools. But it takes more than tools. A methodical application of the right tools is what leads to productivity benefits. Because there are hundreds of law and law...

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