Hello from the new Toodledo team!

We are excited to announce that we have just joined the Toodledo community as the new owners of Toodledo! (Transition from the previous owners to us began a bit over a week ago.)

We know that there are many long-time, loyal and enthusiastic users of Toodledo, and a change in ownership always brings uncertainty. We understand your frustration with the slow progress and communications from Toodledo over the past year due to understaffing with (and other obligations of) the previous owners.

We are committed to the future of Toodledo. Toodledo has the potential to remain the most flexible and full-featured productivity tool available, and we are completely focused on this vision.

Most importantly: the app, the familiar experience you count on, and your data will not be going anywhere.

We are in the process of getting ramped up on the feature requests that have been made via forums, support tickets, and roadmap.toodledo.com. We recognize that there is a lot of work to be done to continue Toodledo’s growth, while at the same time ensuring that we don’t jeopardize the familiarity, flexibility, and power of Toodledo that you have come to know and love.

As we finalize the transition over the next few weeks, our first and most urgent priority will be resolving the existing support tickets. Since it will take time to get through them, if you have a particularly time-sensitive issue, please feel free to reply on your support ticket to flag it as such.

We will of course be sharing more information soon. You can expect an update with more information by the end of the month.

We know we have a lot of work to do to rebuild confidence in Toodledo and hope that you will give us the chance to prove it to you!

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or thoughts!

The Toodledo service (and corresponding user data) are not getting rolled into any other product, nor is it going to be suddenly changed into something completely different.

Here’s a bit of context on us:

David is one of the product and engineering leaders on the new Toodledo team. Prior to Toodledo, David spent time garnering diverse perspectives from software teams in a variety of organizations, spanning everywhere from small, scrappy sole proprietorships/1-person shops to some of the world’s largest organizations, like Microsoft and Apple.

Pamela is coming to the new Toodledo team to help lead product and engineering. After graduating from the computer science/engineering program at MIT, she worked at Microsoft in a variety of product, software architecture, and engineering roles. Since then, she has worked with super early-stage startups as a CTO and software engineer. In her free time, she loves traveling, puzzle hunts, escape rooms, and snowboarding.

Hasnain is leading the growth and strategy of ToodleDo. Prior to this, Hasnain spent several years implementing core banking software technology across Europe with his own consultancy. In addition to that, he was part of several startups that he helped lift off the ground. When not working, Hasnain loves spending time in nature with his family.  

We’re looking forward to working with the Toodledo community!

Hasnain, David, and Pamela

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30 Responses
  1. David Parsons

    I am not a good ToDo list user, but I thought I would offer some insight. I am a college professor, and I use my ToDo list to keep me on topic while I teach. I enjoyed Toodledo very much, and thought I would switch over to Google everything, due to my phone. I didn’t. Now I am using Todoist, which has templates for teachers. You might want to take a look at them. I like the idea of making tasks that cannot be completed, so I can keep the semester, and just modify it.

    To be honest, I don’t remember everything Toodledo does, but I do recall I enjoyed it. If you’d like to give me a trial of it, I will look at it again.

    1. Toodledo

      Hi David,
      Thanks a lot for your message. We have replied to you in an email.
      We hope you had the opportunity to test Toodledo and found the love again for it 😉

    2. Werner

      Hi Guys. It is so sad this happening at this point. I am already migrating to Evernote . As a long time user of Toodledo I found that there was definitely at lack of new upgrades and Toodledo just didn’t work anymore and had completely lost its edge. Sad to be leaving.

  2. Piotr W

    I used Toodledoo for a decade, recently switched to alternative as TD was dead during previous year, I may check back.

    1. Toodledo


      we understand the concerns you had. Since there was very little feedback to user inquiries and the forums were down, many subscribers thought Toodledo was done.

      We assure you, Toodledo is not shutting down. On the contrary, we want to bring Toodledo to the standard it deserves and make it the leading Task management solution out there.

      Let us know when you are ready to give us a try again!

  3. Simone

    Well hello, I am glad that things are moving forward. I LOVE toodledo but I left because the phone interface was too small and cumbersome to use. When I compare the list view with apple tasks interface for example, the check circles and the fonts are bigger and easier to target That’s just an example but I hope that you intend to change the interface

    1. Toodledo


      Thanks a lot for your feedback!
      Yes, we agree. The mobile apps certainly deserve a refresh…
      We are currently working diligently to eradicate all bugs in the current version. In parallel, we are developing a completely new app that should meet today’s standards if not exceed these 😉

      We would love to see you soon back and count you among the Toodledo community!

  4. aleding

    As a long time TD user, really great to hear about the new ownership but of course, many of us are very skeptical given the last 12-18 month debacle. Truly horrific how the use community was treated after Jake sold the platform.

    Fingers crossed the new team is able to deliver but as with all things, actions speak louder than words so time to sit back and see what happens.

    1. Toodledo


      We agree 100%, actions speak louder than words.
      We are open to feedback and also intend to respond promptly. As an initial proof of this, we have activated the user forums as soon as we took over the lead.
      Having said that, we will be sending out a newsletter tomorrow with a quick intro and a small ask for all our existing users.

      Keep an eye out for that email!

  5. greginfla

    been a user of Toodledo for over 10 yrs. it has been a very rough two years. COMMUNICATIONS, or lack thereof, was the previous owner’s issues. Just be forthright, and we will be patient. Let us know how we can help

    1. Toodledo


      We appreciate your feedback.
      And this is exactly what we intend to work on. Being honest and transparent with our communication.
      As mentioned in the previous reply post, keep an eye out for our newsletter!

  6. Melody

    I’ll add my voice to that of others… long time Toodledo user that stopped renewing when the most recent owners not only didn’t seem to really “do” anything with the product but also were hugely non-responsive to their user base, if not outright careless with the long-time loyalty of that user base. I hope for better things ahead. I’m moved on to other tools but will now check back more frequently to see how Toodledoo is doing. No tool ever completely seems to do what an individual needs it to do – it’s always trade-offs. Maybe future Toodledo will offer things my current tool doesn’t. As a software engineer, I am curious about your software development processes. While I embrace Agile, I’m not a big fan of SAFe. Chopping features into smaller bits to work on is a great idea as long as you leave room for taking care of the crumbs . SAFe (at least in my local experience) is too rigid for that while straight Agile is not.

  7. Wendy

    I love Toodledo and share other’s frustrations, however, its functionality keeps me coming back. Better communications will do everyone a world of good as the underlying product is really terrific, just needs some modernising and updating. I am cheering on your success.

  8. Adrian van Eeden

    Toodledo has never had the slickest of interfaces, but I found it was worth keeping because the data structure is more comprehensive than any of the other tools. I often use it as master data for different tools or apps I use for varying forms of time management or project management, and because you support so many fields, I use an automation like mail or Power Automate to move the data between other interfaces. For example I might have things flagged as #CIO sent to a Trello inbox bucket, but other criteria might just add a task to Todoist or similar.

    Maybe that is something you should consider in your strategy? There are so many time-management tools out there it’s actually getting annoying, but it is so difficult to consolidate. If you built out an API on top of your rich schema, and started playing with more systems, then your value could be in managing cross project / activity workflows and in the analytics you could get out of this. As a productiviy booster that would be amazing, I use tools like Microsoft 365 Analytics but they are all only based on one product suite and most of us use multiple platforms. I use something called MyAnalytics to look at my workload but that only looks at the system level, imagine what you could do if you worked at the task or activity level?

  9. Wesley

    Scanning my emails I see that I first started using Toodledo in June 2012. I am an active user, use the product to manage my work and personal tasks, track bills, etc. I like the product and hope it continues to grow.

    Once or twice over the years I had opportunity to talk to either an owner or CEO about different ideas, but then they were gone. I get it, I work in IT and companies are bought and sold all the time.

    I don’t use the mobile app much, but I find it works much better currently than in the past. If others have suggestions I’m all for it.

    I am only using Tasks at this time(tracking 184 at this time). I was an active user of Notes, but was unable to get assurance regarding encryption so I took on a project to move those out.


  10. Glen

    Welcome to the helm Pamela, David and Hasnain. I’ve been using Toodledo to manage personal and work productivity since 2011, following pretty standard GTD practises. I couldn’t live without it.

  11. Rick

    I’ve used ToodleDo for several years, when I retired from my career job, I didn’t use it often, but now that I’m back consulting, I use it continuously. Due perhaps to my limiting its use to task management and GTD purposes, I luckily haven’t experienced the problems of the others. I mostly use Toodledo on a PC, iPhone, and iPad. It works pretty well with all so far…good luck, I appreciate your vision moving forward.

  12. Michael B.

    I’m not sure this is the best place to make this comment, but it seems as if people are reading this, so here goes.

    First of all, I am a loyal Toodledo user, and have been for years. I use primarily and only the Task list as it is probably the best Task list out there. Its functionality was exactly what I needed years ago.

    And here’s the point I made a while back: I was so enamored of it that I became a paid subscriber even though I did NOT need any of the functionality of a paid subscription. I could have continued to use it and gotten what I needed for free, but I felt an obligation to support the app.

    My one main disappointment is that the latest version of the iOS app doesn’t work as well for me as the one just before it did. My task list items get cut off and I have to select one and go back to try to get each item to show me the whole text. I’d really like to see this fixed.

    Most of all, though, I’d like to ask that whatever improvements the new team adds to the app and website, that it doesn’t affect the functionality of what currently exists. New bells and whistles are fine, but if the app becomes too cluttered for me I won’t be able to use it as well as I had in the past.

    One point I made many years

  13. César Ledezma

    Welcome guys!

    I have been a daily paid user since years ago. Toodledo has everything I need to organize myself, Toodledo is literally my memory.

    I think you could work in a Spanish translation and improve the Android app, I have it but has never worked for me. Too slow to sync, some task may not appear etc.

    Best regards.

  14. Ky Holland

    Welcome! As a long time user, I’ve relied on the functionality of Toodledo on each of my devices so I have one place to capture ideas and tasks and know they will be accessible from any device I’m using. I’ve not had any problems with the system over the last year. I’d like to see some smoother web and iOS clipping. I have a startup project that is using toodledo as a platform for a mvp proof of concept we could chat about.

  15. Andrew

    Nice to see new ownership taking interest in regular Subscribers,
    I agree with all previous posts. Been a User ToodleDo since 2000. It will be nice to get some improvement in the interface. Mobile has an exceedingly difficult search box to access on iPhone. Very tiny and inaccessible. Please review and improve.
    Good luck !

  16. Bobby

    Congratulations on your purchase of a great product that can be made even better and more versatile. I feel many of your users just like to make lists. I could never actually complete all of my to do’s, but it helps to organize and prioritize them.

    I’m recently retired and find that I use Toodledo for organizing my personal todo’s, that are more varied and detailed than those of when I was working in my career training software. I’m tracking home improvement and repair projects, agricultural projects, livestock and pets, investment todo’s, the death of a parent and estate matters, and shopping lists. Please keep in mind that personal tasks can sometimes outnumber and be more complex than work/career tasks!

    My request for is better printing capability in large print please! For many of us we like to have a printed piece of paper in front of us, to attach to the front of a folder of a project, or to give to someone. Being able to print only specific todo’s / subtasks and optionally notes would be helpful. For example, I have a handwritten list to take to the home improvement store and then another for groceries etc. It’s not always convenient to use a smartphone, which has small text.

    Looking forward to seeing the new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

  17. Claire

    Hi folks congrats and I’m glad I’ve stuck it out and hope I will not be disappointed. The App on my iPad 12.9 no longer works. As a long term Google user I would love to see better integration with G Home/Assistant with Tasks, Lists and more. Google has nothing like TD. In fact the TD API integration is something to focus on I believe. A bit like the XERO platform.
    I’ve been using TD for over 13 years and regularly check what is out there and TD is still an awesome platform and I look forward to you taking it to the next level.
    Good luck and have fun

  18. Kevin Raber

    Yippeee, finally! I have been a long time user and find this still to be one of the best task managers. However, today I finally gave up and was ready to move to another app. Then your email showed up. Having experience buying and selling companies I know all to well the challenges that you face trying to earn back users. Not an easy job. I will stick it out and offer whatever assistance I can if you need feedback etc. I use and sync to iPads, iPhone and Macs. I love all the fields that can be used. I’m big on context and folders as well as tags. No other app offers what Toodledo does.

    I hope you can clean up the interface and fix the bugs. Don’t loose any of the functionality. At one time this was the best there was, with a bit of work it can be that again. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your vision get implemented.

  19. Tim

    I am a long time user of Toodledo but switched last year due to the problems with the app. The current app I am using is missing a couple of the key things I liked about Toodledo. Just re-upped my subscription and watching progress closely to see about coming back.

    I did try to export a JSON file from my current app and tried to import it in to Toodledo to see how Toodledo is working these days but it would not import. The export file was around 2.1 meg so should have imported. Also tried the calendar transfer but it did not work either.

    I will watch over the next few months to see how things go and then make a decision.

  20. David

    I’ve used Toodledo for 10 or so years for my personal to-do list and it’s been rock-solid throughout all that time. I’m glad it’s getting some attention, and since I’d like to believe there’s good intent, I’ll provide my opinions.
    – The user interface isn’t glitzy. That’s a plus. Apple, Google and others have followed the trend of dumbing down their interfaces which ultimately reduces functionality. Please don’t do that. I don’t want a super-sized cartoonish interface with no options. If I wanted that, I’d just use the native iOS to do list.
    – That said, there are some improvements….
    – The hotlist is a good idea, but it is not nearly flexible enough. I have different contexts (and sometimes folders) that tag items I don’t want to see normally, but I would like them to appear on my hotlist if they are due on today/earlier date. That’s an example of the flexibility I’m looking for.
    – I have several to-do lists for work. I do not usually want to intermingle my work and personal to-do lists, but Toodledo always seemed cumbersome to create separate contexts, folders, etc and switch between them easily. If you could optimize this, I would gladly use Toodledo for everything. Suggestion – give me buttons to quick-switch between sets of “hotlist” type filter sets.
    – As a side note, I really liked TickTick and Todoist for my work tasks, but I found that both of those tools actually lost data, typically when I crossed time zones. I stopped using them when I confirmed that behavior and actually use just an excel spreadsheet at work now. Moral of the story is—maintain laser focus on data integrity and core functionality regardless of what you do with the UI.
    – I’ve been a subscriber in the past, though usually a free-loading user. I recently resubscribed because I want to really investigate what Toodledo can do. However, for my needs it’s just a to-do list, albeit a good one. I’ll gladly pay a couple bucks a month for reliable functionality, but I’m wary of companies that start jacking up prices for their recurring revenue stream. I parted ways with EverNote when they did that and am currently using OneNote—not a great solution, but good enough for what it costs.
    – If you do any UX/focus groups, I’d be willing to participate.

  21. Castiron

    I just discovered the news about the change of ownership when I went to the forums to see whether the font change was a Toodledo change or my browser acting up. First, congratulations!

    I’ve been a Toodledo user for at least twelve years; the first time I subscribed was in August 2009, and I’d been using it for some time before that. Like a lot of Toodledo subscribers, I didn’t subscribe because I wanted the paid features (and indeed, never used most of them, though saved searches occasionally came in handy). I simply found the basic site incredibly useful and wanted to financially support it, and one of the lower-level plans was a price I could afford. When the next owners bought it from Jake and almost immediately doubled the price of the least expensive tier before they’d even done anything else with the site, I let my subscription lapse. I haven’t switched away from Toodledo, though, and I certainly hope you’ll convince me that it’s worth subscribing again.

  22. Mark

    I signed up for ToodleDo well over 10 years ago but have since moved on to other platforms. The development got pretty bad with the previous owner but I’ve always liked the program. Will watch it and see how you guys do with modernizing the platform.

  23. Neil LaChapelle

    I used Toodledo a decade ago and loved it. The richer data model and multi-column interface made it unique. My return to the app will depend on that type of view being preserved or enriched. I only stopped using it because previous ownership teams seemed so out of touch that I assumed the product would die. I look forward to seeing its unique magic shine again.

    I’m in a transition process between apps now, so if Toodledo comes out strong, the timing may be good for me.

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