July 2021 Update

Hi Toodledo community!

It has been a few weeks since we became the new owners of Toodledo (check out the previous blog post if you missed this news!) and we wanted to share an initial update about what we’ve been up to.

Support tickets and emails

There was a backlog of support tickets and emails that we have been working through. We are almost caught up on resolving them all and want to thank you for your patience. Note that the current support ticket system automatically closes inactive tickets after 60 days, so if you have been waiting on something and haven’t heard from us, please reach out.

Email sending

We discovered that there were still a few emails that weren’t getting sent correctly, particularly with collaboration invites, so we fixed those issues.  Please let us know if you experience any issues with Toodledo sending emails of any sort.

Billing issues

In reviewing the support tickets, we have become aware of some billing issues affecting people in specific situations. We are actively working on resolving these and preventing future issues for people in those situations. Let us know if your account doesn’t look right.

Product roadmap

We have spent a lot of time reading and digesting the feature requests from https://roadmap.toodledo.com, the forums, and the feedback submitted through support tickets and emails.

Some of the feature requests that were previously listed on the roadmap list as “In Progress” or “Planned” unfortunately are not in a state where they can be released in the near future.

Next week, we will be rearranging what is listed on the roadmap to more realistically reflect something that we can stand behind. By the end of next week, the status of the feature requests will be more accurate — whatever says “In Progress” will be in progress, whatever says “Planned” is planned and so forth.

Please continue to submit and vote on features that you would like to see — this helps give us an indication of what new features are important to Toodledo users. We are putting all our effort into improving Toodledo.

(Near) Future plans

We want to give a brief overview of what you can expect for the next few months.

Mobile Apps

As you know, the mobile apps are overdue for a significant update. We will be focusing a lot of our energy on completely rewriting the mobile apps. As this will take time, we will release smaller pieces of functionality as they become available so that you can start using it sooner. We will start with the most core task functionality, and then gradually add the other features.

We expect a first (public Beta) release with a subset of basic Tasks functionality to be available by early 2022. In terms of device support on this initial release, we expect it to run best on iOS devices from the last few years and the latest 1-2 generations of popular Android devices.

For now, migrating to this new app will be completely optional and will run alongside the existing apps.

Stabilization and performance

Although these changes will not be as immediately visible, we will be working towards improving service reliability and updating more backend technologies that will enable us to improve product performance and add/improve features at a greater velocity.

Website changes

There will be some small improvements to the website — keep an eye on the roadmap for details.

We want to thank all of you for your support and understanding during this transition! We are excited about this journey and look forward to your thoughts, feedback, and concerns. You can find us in the forums or at [email protected]

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19 Responses
  1. James

    I stopped using Toodledo a couple of years back because it looked like it was slowly sinking. I’ve played with a dozen different products since without any coming close to Toodledo.

    I will be so happy to see it resurrected!

    Good luck :]

    1. Toodledo


      Thanks a lot for your message.
      We truly appreciate the loyalty of all the long-time community members!
      It is our number ONE priority to do good on this and built trust again.
      Happy to have you onboard again!

  2. SnowLeopard

    I’ve been a user for over 12 years. Due to the previous owner’s neglect, I finally closed my account this year and switched to another product – which wasn’t as good as Toodledo. But, now have created a new account and switched back to Toodledo!

    1. Toodledo


      Thank you very much for your message. That really encourages us!
      We will do our best to build that trust in the community again!

  3. Peter

    Looking forward to coming back–I’ll look at giving Toodledo a change; not a fan of other stuff out there, as long as Toodledo is run properly, I’m in!

    1. Toodledo


      We appreciate your message! Yes, we will do our best to gain the trust back of all users that had doubted the future of Toodledo.
      Keep an eye out for regular updates!

  4. OG

    I am Japanese.
    I have been using Toodledo for 4 years.

    Thanks for the best news of my favorite Toodledo!
    I’m so happy right now!!

    1. Toodledo


      Thanks a lot for your feedback.
      As mentioned in today’s newsletter, we will be reviewing each request and prioritizing these accordingly.
      Our main focus at the moment lies in stabilizing the core of Toodledo, eliminating any bugs and as such this will allow for better scaling in the near future!

  5. Mike

    Good luck Toodledo team. I have been using it for a number of years now and am eager to see what is in store. I still think that it is one of the best out there.

    1. Toodledo


      Thanks a lot for your message. The tremendous amount of positive feedback we are getting really encourages us that we have invested in the right company.
      Now it is on us to prove that we will be able to tackle the challenges and keep Toodledo one of the leading Task Management Tools out there!

  6. David

    I’ve been a huge fan of Toodledo for many, many years; however, I had grown so disenchanted I tried to find comparable systems at my last renewal date. Even in its reduced state, TD seemed to be better than all the alternatives. I decided to give it one last year. Now I’m glad I did. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear your news. Best of luck. I’m really looking forward to great things.

    1. Toodledo


      We really appreciate your message.
      Thanks a lot for your patience. We are working very hard to bring Toodledo back to where it belongs!
      In addition, we are grateful to have many loyal users in our community that are willing to give us the benefit of doubt!

  7. Jim Banks

    Thanks for taking on Toodledo and bringing it into the future! I am an unusual customer in that I use only the Notes and Notebooks features. Back at the dawn of the iPhone, Toodledo plus some specialized scripts was the only way to bring my large collection of Palm notes from my Treo to the iPhone. I would love it if you could overhaul the Notes section of the mobile app so that it’s as simple, readable, and easy to use as the discontinued Appigo Notes app which used Toodledo as its cloud. Even the Task Angel app looked and worked better than the Toodledo app for notes, but I had to drop it and use yours recently due to their syncing issues. I will happily continue paying annually for a standard subscription with better notes app functionality. Failing that, if you had better notes export options to other current note-taking apps, that would be helpful.

  8. G

    13 or 14 year paying user, echoing other sentiments.
    Have used DGT app in past too
    My subscription expires dec 31
    Two biggest things (for me)
    1. Searching on android app pixel 4a (and others) 100% causes crash, that’s huge
    Works on browser, and mobile browser, but ui on mobile unworkable & not offline
    2. Being able to navigate to/from subtask on android.
    Hopefully 1 is fixed before new year

  9. Peter Scott

    I’ve been a Toodledo user since before 2009. I manage thousands of tasks with subtasks, delegation, and custom searches to isolate tasks by time, context, and type. I stick with Toodledo because nothing else lets me see dozens of tasks at a time with so many attributes, expand and contract them inline, and construct complex saved searches over those attributes with a fully-featured language and API. My main wish is for extra levels of subtasks so I can do more capable project management. I don’t find the features outside of tasks to be useful; focus on what you’re the best at, which is task management.

  10. alswl

    I am a subscriber user and using Toodledo since 2010. I think the most import thing is:

    – Site reliability
    – Mobile app
    – New UI(I appreciate the linear interactive)

    Hurry up~

  11. Michelle Hoover

    user since Feb. 2010 – I have tried many and personally, this works for me. Keep it simple. I love “start date” and ability to sort by Date, Star, priority-high/low, tag, and printing; email integration to GMAIL via chrome extensions, and the mobile syncing works for me. It does appear the chrome extension may be broke. Bummer. Please keep it simple.

    I only use:
    Tasks and Habits

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