Toodledo’s Final Newsletter for 2022

Dear Toodledo Community,

In our final newsletter for 2022 we wanted to offer you some insight into the following topics:

  • Year-end review
  • Benefits of using a paid subscription
  • Next-Generation Mobile Apps
  • Introduction of the Ambassador Program
  • Toodledo for Business
  • Business Webinars

New current ownership

We would like to review this impactful year for Toodledo. We invested a lot of time in our Next Generation mobile apps and in strengthening the product foundation to allow us to respond more quickly to user needs – keep an eye out for some desktop website refreshes (that of course maintain the spirit of Toodledo) in 2023! When taking over Toodledo in mid-2021 we promised our community that we would put all our resources into improving Toodledo. Many improvements that we have made are not immediately visible to the everyday users as they were on the backend. 

Features for paid subscribers

If you are currently using Toodledo on our free tier, you may be only scratching the surface of the power this tool has to offer. Check out our features overview page and consider upgrading to make the most of Toodledo to increase your productivity! 

Next-Generation Mobile Apps

A major upgrade was the development of our new “Next Generation” mobile applications for iOS and Android. Although they’re marked as “beta”, rest assured that is to help us stay light on our feet with the release process. Building on the early preview we provided, we’ve added (and will continue to add) new features on a regular basis (and are proud to say that we haven’t had any incidents of data loss!). We know that our work is not done, and will continue to add the popular features from the legacy app. Next on our roadmap is the improvement of the desktop web app. We aim to maintain the compactness, density, and power of Toodledo but allow a refresh and a simpler starting point for new users. We are aware that the competition is fierce in the productivity and task management environment. Toodledo may not be the right solution for everyone, but many users who have tried Toodledo and explore other solutions like to come back ;-)If you are someone who loves Toodledo, please check out our… 

New Ambassador Program

For anyone who would like to promote Toodledo to their friends and family, check out the existing Partners program here.We have introduced a new Ambassador Partner program, a tier above our existing Partner Program for passionate Toodledo users who have a big following on social media or other media outlets and would like to promote Toodledo to them.To apply please click the following link.  

Toodledo for Business

A core focus for 2023 is improving our Business solution. We would love to support users that currently use Toodledo for their personal productivity in introducing Toodledo to their workplaces. Book a call with us to see if we can help improve the productivity within your team at work. Many Accounting, Law, and Property Management firms have implemented Toodledo and love the productivity uplift.If you would like to evaluate if Toodledo is the right fit for your business to grow, Book a personal call with us!

Business Webinar

If you are currently considering Toodledo for your Business and are a business coach, we would like to invite you to join our upcoming webinar. Sign up for one of our few remaining seats here

Lastly, it’s been an amazing year for Toodledo in terms of learning, improving, and helping our community in improving their lives.

We can’t wait to see what 2023 holds for all of us! Wishing you happy holidays and a great start to the new year!

Your Toodledo Team 

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