Newsletter Q4 2022

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Dear Toodledo Community Member, 

It’s been a while since we’ve reached out from Toodledo HQ. 
We’ve been heads-down iterating on the Next Generation mobile apps and further strengthening the core of our solution!

So, why are we leaving the “beta” marking on the Next Generation mobile apps? 
At this point, we are confident in sharing that the foundation for our Next Generation apps is firm. No users have experienced any catastrophic data loss during the beta. We strongly encourage all users who are still using the Legacy apps (those apps that have been around for years) to try migrating to the Next Generation apps as their default for day-to-day usage.  
Not sure which app you’re using?  Check your app icon:

If desired, you can safely keep both the Legacy and the Next Generation app installed on your phone and use them side by side in the same way that you might use a mobile app and a website side by side.
That being said, we definitely recognize that not all features in the Legacy apps are in the Next Generation apps – and for some users, key pieces are still missing. If you’re one of those users, please do let us know what those particular capabilities are (we have our own lists of items we know are missing, but would love to know if we are missing anything). At this point, the “beta” label reflects that we’re trying to remain light on our feet by adding features and iterating on existing ones. The “beta” label does not reflect a disproportionate risk of data loss. (In that respect, you should feel no less confident in using the Next Generation apps than you would any other ones.  But if you’re hesitant, feel free to grab a backup of your data at  

We hope that this sheds some light on where we currently stand! We’re intending to be more active on our social channels too.
If you haven’t subscribed and liked our LinkedIn Page, Twitter, and Facebook page, please consider doing so!  

Your feedback, if positive or negative, is always welcome and highly appreciated! We also encourage our community to read, post questions or just hang out in our forums. Looking forward to interacting with as many members of the community as possible! 

Your Toodledo TeamPamela, David & Hasnain  Which app are you using?  If you don’t have an app icon that looks like the dark blue one on the right below, you should install the Next Generation Toodledo app!   

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