First 100 Days

Dear Toodledo Community Member,

We wanted to reach out to you as we have marked the first 100 days as new owners of Toodledo and share some (mini-) milestones and improvements that we have made.

Our first order of business since acquiring Toodledo was re-activating the forumsSince we have an amazing community with very knowledgeable users, we invite you to visit the forums more frequently. Ask questions or share experiences you had with Toodledo as a system or how you’re using it to improve your life.

The next big task was addressing the entire backlog of support tickets. Thanks to the amazing team we have, we managed to dive deep into the technical aspects of Toodledo, understand the architecture and the functionality which allowed us to respond to the open tickets promptly and competently. 

In connection with the support tickets, our goal was to improve customer experience and satisfaction by improving response time to any ticket that hit our inbox. We can say with confidence that questions or issues have been answered within 48 hours more than 90% of the time (while more complicated issues do take more time in some cases, we’re working toward continuing to reduce those issues!). 

With every living and evolving sophisticated software solution, there is an opportunity for bugs to be uncovered. Toodledo is no exception. While it’s not always possible to address all bug fixes immediately (the next generation mobile apps are a substantial project!) here are some of the bugs we fixed recently:

  • Email functionality for reminders, collaboration etc. was broken when we took over Toodledo. We managed to restore the email sending within the first week.
  • There were Google calendar syncing issues for some users due to new requirements from Google. Though this was no minor task, the team managed to get past all the hurdles and we obtained the green light from Google to restore Google calendar sync to full capabilities for all users.
  • For users who have a large number of folders, alphabetical sorting was not working; we fixed this issue. 

We have received support tickets for the mobile apps and we understand that the status quo is sub-optimal. As mentioned before, we are heads down on writing completely new iOS and Android mobile apps. We hope to provide optional beta access to parts of core Task functionality in early 2022 (initially targeted at iOS devices from the last few years, and the latest 1 – 2 generations of popular Android devices). Until then we hope you bear with us on the legacy apps and continue to send us tickets with any incidents that may come up.

As new owners, we also wanted to better understand our current user base. We believe that Toodledo can be of benefit to an immense breadth of users. That being said,  the nuances of the current users are important to us and we are committed to serving the current users well and targeting more users like them. 

After speaking with various users and surveying a sample of thousands, we’ve been impressed with how many in the Toodledo community use it for a breadth of mission-critical personal and professional endeavors, including running various professional practices, businesses, and higher education (and other educational) programs.  We’ve also found that (less surprisingly) the power of Toodledo is the first choice for numerous engineers, doctors, lawyers, business owners, service providers, and others!

In addition to this, we had interviews with several long-time users (Toodledo has a loyal, long term following!). Perhaps one of the noteworthy interviews may have been with the actual founder of Toodledo, Jake. You can find his thoughts and feedback from our conversations here.

What are our ambitions for the next 100 days?

  1. We are working non-stop on improving customer satisfaction. If you have any feedback on what you would like to see improved, please check our roadmap here and add any features that you believe are missing and we always love to hear from you at [email protected]
  2. Our next top priority is to release the beta of the new mobile apps (detailed above) that we expect to have for some core Task functionality in early 2022.
  3. We’d really appreciate your support in growing and helping further strengthen the Toodledo community for all of us! Please spread the word to your friends and family! Invite new users with a 20% discount on any new subscriptions with the code: FIRST100DAYS
  4. If Toodledo improves your personal task management, why not introduce it at your workplace (as thousands of others have already done)? In case you weren’t aware, we offer our business solution to our existing users with special pricing. Please fill in the form via the link or send us an email to help you get going. 
  5. As you may have experienced this yourself, you tend to lean to the suggestion from a trusted voice or someone that has a lot of experience. We would highly appreciate it if you could leave feedback either on Capterra and/or G2 in order to further grow the user feedback on Toodledo on the web.
  6. Finally, we are constantly updating with small bug fixes and trying to improve Toodledo wherever possible. Toodledo is a rich product with a breadth of capabilities, so although most of these changes will only affect a tiny percent of users, we’re hoping they’ll eventually add up to substantial improvement in the aggregate Toodledo experience!

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