We’re upgrading our Toodledo Servers

Hi everyone,

2/23 UPDATE: So the good news is we upgraded our servers and brought them back online at about 6AM GMT / 2AM EDT / 11PM PDT. We ran into a small hiccup because of a complicated DNS setup, but once we figured that out we brought our new servers online.

The bad news is when we brought our servers online, we heard reports from some users that their data was stale. We looked into it and our master-slave positions were the same, so the data should have been caught up.

At this point, we didn’t want to troubleshoot while the service was down, so we pointed the DNS back to our old server, where everyone’s data is up-to-date and still intact.

So what next?

We’ll post-mortem why the master-slave setup didn’t replicate despite indicators that things were functioning as expected during testing over the past week. As it stands we are 90% done and we can point the DNS to the new server once we’ve resolved this.

2/21 UPDATE: We have switched the time of this upgrade to 1AM GMT Saturday 2/23 (8PM EST / 5PM PT Friday 2/22).

We want to make you aware that this Thursday (2/21) at 8:00pm EST / 5:00pm PST (1:00 AM GMT Friday 2/22), we are going to upgrade our servers.

Starting at this time, access to the web interface will be down. While the process in theory can take up to three hours, we expect that it’ll be done far quicker given that we’ve done as much pre-work to expedite the process and minimize the downtime.

Why are we doing this?

We understand our users expect and depend upon the core syncing functionality across all platforms.

Over the past two months, we’ve seen syncing issues due to server outages with our current hosting provider. As a result, we’ve added seven days of credit for all affected subscribers.

We’ve also been working with hosting providers to find an improved hosting service where we can have a better guarantee of uptime and quicker support to resolve syncing issues.

We will be using this time to finish moving our servers to hosting providers that add more resiliency to our infrastructure.

Why did we pick this time?

This time window gives us the the most dedicated support online from our hosting provider, including follow up time to troubleshoot should anything go off from plan. In addition, the time window affects the fewest users in our community based on our global usage patterns.

Can I access my Toodledo task list during this window?

If you sync your task list to the IOS or Android app beforehand, you will still be able to see your tasks during this time.

However, during this window, the Toodledo web platform and syncing will be inaccessible. All syncing and normal operations will resume immediately after the maintenance window.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. As always, if you have questions or issues, you can reach me aaron@toodledo.com.


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