May 2019 Monthly Update

Hi everybody,

Aaron here. Apologies for the delay — civic duty called the past week due to jury duty summons, and hence I’ve been working to get caught up. So without further ado, here’s the May update.

Toodledo for Business

We’ve begun the launch of our new Toodledo for Business tier. To get started you can request a demo here, and we’ll share what we’ve been building.

Toodledo for Business is built for teams to setup and collaborate quickly in Toodledo. Centered around a team workspace, team members will all have sharing permissions immediately for team-specific folders and tasks upon joining.

Team leads and administrators have a central admin dashboard to invite, upgrade, or de-provision new accounts with the click of a button. Furthermore, admins can set permissions of team members from this view.

We’ve also been working on centralized billing — our payment processor just recently made this available, so we are building that functionality into the tier. No more having each of your employees manually set up and submit reimbursement receipts; now everything can be done by one single admin.

Collaboration design

The designs are now in usability testing phase — we’ve been fortunate to get several customers’ input on our new designs for collaboration and sharing flows.

What next?

In early May, we launched a host of new features to IOS beta. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I missed adding the link, so if you’d like to see those changes in the IOS app, you can do so here. We’ve re-designed how subtasks work in our mobile app, as well as making several overdue fixes (i.e. iPhone X support).  

Beyond that, we are shifting our attention to fast follow features for our Toodledo for Business. The items here are analytics, improved timer (split between billable / non-billable), and more.

The rest of our plans and roadmap are up on the feature request board. Curious on what’s next? We work on bi-weekly sprints, so please help shape our roadmap by voting for what you’d like to see added next.

You can click into the cards to see more details, see what others in the community are saying, and add your voice and vote to the feature set. You can also sign up to get beta access here.

What’s next?

Thank you for your constructive feedback and patience — we really appreciate it.  We’re working to improve and amplify what makes Toodledo great, not to undo what differentiates the power product versus our competitors. That’s why we appreciate any and all feedback, as it allows us to course correct if necessary and get back on track.



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