March 2020 Update

Hi everybody,

In spite of our severe lack of communication, you can rest assured Toodledo is alive and well!

I am Anant Gupta, the acting CEO at Toodledo. We’ve been through a lot of changes here in the last ten months, and while somewhat disruptive and distracting, ultimately, they have all been good—we are in a better place than ever now.

But we just haven’t communicated them well, and I apologize for that (my bad).

New Technology

In reality, we have been here the whole time, busy and very focused on technology. You see, we now have a team of 6 programmers whose single focus is getting our iPhone and Android apps refreshed and up to date so that we can continue being leaders in the smartphone to-do list app world. Once that is done, we’ll cycle back to the web app and get moving on the many improvements we have on our list for that, too.

In fact, you’ll shortly see us post access to the new beta versions of the smartphone apps. You’ll see separate iPhone and Android forum threads on our rapid new beta rollout, with production versions following right behind that.

A Lot More Is Coming

So, rest assured, Toodledo is alive and well. And by the way, business is good! Our financial backing is stronger than ever, and we have excellent cash flow. We are excited about the state of the product and the new features that are now rolling out.

Stay tuned for more, and I promise I’ll communicate regularly on behalf of the company and on behalf of the excellent product you’ve been enjoying for decades now. Our commitment to the product is stronger than ever!


Anant Gupta

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