January 2019 Monthly Update

Hey hey,

Aaron here.

As we finish January 2019 (wow, time flies!), I wanted to pause and give a higher-level view on Toodledo and our development.

In short, we’re hitting our stride as an R&D team. We’ve increased our engineering bandwidth, which means pulling forward more from the product development pipeline and looking forward to what features to move from “under consideration” to “planned”. Every month we’re increasing what we’re pulling in and shipping on our roadmap, and we’ve brought in good people to work on the roadmap pieces requiring specific skills (WatchOS, I’m looking at you).

So with that, here’s where we stand in January.

Iphone X

I’m extremely pleased to share that we’ve found a new IOS developer, Trevor, who’s given our IOS app a much-needed refresh to work with Iphone X screen dimensions. We have Trevor working next on WatchOS (see below) before he picks up the IOS app upgrades we had put on hold in late November.

Google Calendar 2-way sync

Following up with the work we did in December for for iCal, we’ve been working on Google Calendar integrations next.

To get started, enable calendar subscriptions here. You can then enable the new features above and generate the ics files to import Toodledo into your iCal app.

Assign a Saved Search to Hotlist

Many users have pointed out that the Hotlist customizability is limited relative to what you can do with saved searches. So rather than expanding out Hotlist (which works for many folks today), we’ve enabled it so that you can assign one of your saved searches to your Hotlist.

To do this, go into your Hotlist settings and select one of your saved searches from the dropdown to assign it to your Hotlist. You’ll also have the option to remove the saved search.

This is also a handy feature on mobile, where Hotlist is way more prominent in the mobile UI vs. saved searches.

GTD quick-start settings

If you’ve been using task managers since even before Toodledo, it’s likely that you have tried other systems. Franklin Covey, GTD, and many more systems came up time and time again in our conversations. Despite this, we still require every user to setup their own system before they can really get going.

What if things were easier so that you could adopt settings for productivity systems right from the outset and have folders, tags, contexts, start date / due dates, and so much more enabled so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel?

Well, we’re doing that. Starting with GTD and MYN, we’re making recommended quick-start settings available to new and existing users. We will add more settings over time and expand out our productivity method guides to help our users find the productivity system that works for them. Whether GTD, MYN, Eat the Frog!, or many others, we want you up and running faster.

You can learn more about the recommended settings and try these out for yourself on our productivity systems page.

What next?
In internal QA right now are new tag features (color, tag organization) and the new WatchOS app, which we’re excited to share soon. After that, we’ll pick up a slew of collaboration upgrades (notably admin features).

The rest of our plans and roadmap are up on the feature request board that we shared last month. Several users have also shared feedback to me that we should provide instructions in the board on how to enable those features as they ship, so as cards move to “Complete” they will be updated with instructions or links on how to get started with said feature.

Curious on what’s next? We work on bi-weekly sprints, so please help shape our roadmap by voting for what you’d like to see added next.

You can click into the cards to see more details, see what others in the community are saying, and add your voice and vote to the feature set. You can also sign up to get beta access here.


In January, we’ve been able to find two freelance developers to help our team:  Ivan and Trevor. Ivan has numerous projects under his belt the last three years with tech stacks exactly like Toodledo’s, which has allowed him to quickly contribute to Toodledo’s development. Trevor is a mobile developer who’s shipped several apps and will be spearheading our Android / IPhone / WatchOS development.

That being said, we’re still looking for great people to work with, so if you know a talented mobile developer (or are one with extra bandwidth), we’d like to talk to you! We’re hiring and looking for help, and appreciate any referrals. More help will enable us to pull more features into the roadmap timeline.

Anything else?

Thank you for your constructive feedback — we appreciate you, the Toodledo community, for helping us build a better Toodledo. With new features shipping out and many more new product changes in place, please continue to share feedback about your experience with us. We’d love it even more if you could join beta to share your thoughts early and often on our new features.



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