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We are excited to provide you with an early sneak peek of the next generation Toodledo mobile apps on iOS and Android.
(For those who had been using a TestFlight version of Toodledo installed anytime before the last couple of days, this is not the same thing.)
Several months back, we (the new owners) decided it was time for the Toodledo mobile apps to get a fresh start with new apps built on more modern technologies.  These apps would allow us to better align to modern iOS and Android features, evolve the app functionality with greater agility and improve responsiveness to the needs of the Toodledo community.
To kick-off, we have overwhelmingly focused on more robust stability, reliability, and scalability.
Today, we’d like to offer an early preview of a beta for interested adventurous users using recent-generation iOS and Android phones.  (And we would love feedback on your experiences with it!)
This optional and early preview of some core Tasks functionality is good for people who want to regularly backup their data and provide feedback to help co-create, identify, and prioritize the greatest user experience/ease-of-use opportunities as we shift focus from the technical foundation over to ease-of-use.
It is not yet comprehensive and can (and should) be used side by side with the existing/legacy mobile apps and the mobile website.
It’s also important to note that even the functionality that is present is work-in-progress (and some things you want to do may require many taps or not yet be supported at all).
That being said, we are very much looking for feedback — the current user experience/interfaces are more placeholders rather than proposals. (So don’t get attached to the current, subject-to-change interfaces!)
If you might be interested, please review the full details (including all the caveats, release notes, and setup instructions) at
We would appreciate it if you could post feedback at our roadmap site to the “Next Generation Mobile App Features” board. This will help us better manage all the feedback that we are getting in various places and let you see what has already been reported by other users and add your votes to suggestions that will have the greatest impact for you.
We’re looking forward to hearing from some adventurous users!
The Toodledo Team


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