March 2019 Monthly Update

Hi everybody,

Aaron here, with this month’s recap.

March 2019 was a busy month for us, but far more focused on fewer things.

As our new developers got up to speed, we wanted to turn our attention to solving some of the meatier challenges that we’ve been chomping at the bit to solve. As a result, we’ve buckled down on just a few items this month:

Multi-select for batch edit

One of the most requested features is the ability to more easily select multiple tasks and edit them all at once. As we’ve studied this problem, we tested some lighter fixes (like our overdue tasks rollover feature that we launched back in November) to learn.

Well, we’re excited to let you know we’ll be rolling out multi-select. This feature is live in production today. To begin, make sure keyboard shortcuts are enabled in your settings, then hold the letter “l”+click the tasks you’d like to select for batch editing.

To select multiple tasks, press the letter “l” and click to highlight the tasks you want to batch edit.

Toodledo for Business

From our conversations with hundreds of users over the past several months, one big pain for productivity is the more members you have on a team, the more time and effort required simply to manage a team’s workflow.

We think Toodledo can help solve this problem, and can do so while also saving you time and effort.

So we’re also excited to announce our all new Toodledo for Business. Toodledo for Business is built for teams to setup and collaborate quickly in Toodledo. Centered around a team workspace, team members will all have sharing permissions immediately for team-specific folders and tasks upon joining.

Team leads and administrators will have a central admin dashboard to invite, upgrade, or de-provision new accounts with the click of a button. Furthermore, admins can set permissions of team members from this view.

We’ll be rolling out the pilot of this new product in April.

Collaboration design

Something I’ve heard from almost every user is that the design could use an upgrade. I couldn’t agree more. However, I’ve been very cautious so that we don’t accidentally remove or reduce features that our users depend upon in their workflow today.

So, I couldn’t be happier that we have started working with designers to help us upgrade the experience AND keep what works so well in the first place.

To begin, we’ll redesign our collaboration and sharing flow. We chose this flow specifically because collaboration is embedded throughout the entire task dashboard and settings. These learnings will help us learn iteratively before we approach the entire task dashboard.

Other small additions and stomping out bugs

I wanted to call out smaller items and bug fixes this month. While any individual item might be small, in the aggregate these represent quality improvement to Toodledo.

In March, we fixed bugs that required a reload to select tasks, subtask sorting, and a longtime Daylight Savings bug that affected the “Today” and “Tomorrow” date filters.

What next?
So that’s what’s rolling out now and in the coming days to the full user base. So where to from here?

Well, we’re working on allowing task linking, one of our most requested features. There are interesting challenges with this, so we’re iterating on usability in alpha mode right now.

We’ve also been re-designing how subtasks work in our mobile app, and will make those more prominent and accessible.

Finally, we have a slew of features for our teams, such as task delegation options, analytics, and more.

The rest of our plans and roadmap are up on the feature request board. Curious on what’s next? We work on bi-weekly sprints, so please help shape our roadmap by voting for what you’d like to see added next.

You can click into the cards to see more details, see what others in the community are saying, and add your voice and vote to the feature set. You can also sign up to get beta access here.

Anything else?

March was a different kind of months for us, with larger projects that we focused on. We’re excited to get this in your hands and hear your thoughts. Thank you for your constructive feedback and patience — we really appreciate it. We’re doing our best to improve Toodledo and do no harm. If we ever miss the mark, we’ll learn from it, see what we can do to make it right, and get back on track.



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