December 2018 Monthly Update

Happy Holidays everyone!

Aaron here. On behalf of our team, we hope you all had a happy holiday season and wish you a happy and prosperous 2019!

As we closed out 2018 and our first six months with Toodledo, we wanted to pause and say “Thank you” to all of you Toodledoers. We are grateful to have a passionate and engaged community of doers who are helping us build a better Toodledo. Please continue to share your feedback with us — we want to hear from you.

We want your feature requests

As a reminder, we’ve created a public feature request and roadmap page earlier this fall. We did this so that you could know that we’ve seen your feature requests and vote up other feature requests in the community. For our team, this centralizes features requests in one place (vs. across many forum posts and support tickets) and makes it far easier to prioritize and engage with you on the features.

So please take a look and share with us what you’d like to see to make Toodledo even better.

With that out of the way, here’s what we shipped in December.

Things look a bit different

As we’ve been sharing throughout Q4, we’ve modified our premium plans. You’ll see more information throughout the product and help center to reflect these changes, and you can see the new plans here.

New blog

You’re reading this on our new and improved blog, which is how we’ll be sharing out updates going forward. Over the last quarter, we’ve learned that emails and the in-app notifications are the best ways to reach everyone in the Toodledo community.

So going forward, we’ll publish new content here on what we’re building, primers and guides on productivity methods like GTD, MYN, and much more.

iCal updates

“Aaron” most folks say “it’d be helpful if my tasks were better integrated with my calendar.”

Great idea. So you’ll see us update our calendar integrations to enable more of this, starting with Apple iCal.

We’re pleased to announce improvements on how dateless tasks, start / due dates, and start / due times appear in iCal. We also have added more customizability on how alarms are pulled into iCal, as well as enabling you to import only tasks from certain folders (instead of your entire task list).

To get started, enable calendar subscriptions here. You can then enable the new features above and generate the ics files to import Toodledo into your iCal app.

Toodledo University

One of the better parts of my job is talking directly with our users, who share with me how much Toodledo does for them. At the same time, we can’t rest on our laurels because I also get tons of feedback on how much more we could do!

The most surprising thing to me is how frequently users ask me for features that we already have! So while Toodledo is super powerful, many folks aren’t aware of all that Toodledo can already do.

So we’re announcing Toodledo University, built to help you — whether you’re new to Toodledo or a long-time veteran — get the most out of the feature set.

We’ll be adding more courses in 2019, such as specific lessons for different use cases, such as for domestic collaboration between partners, how to setup and monitor your team’s tasks for small business owners, and more. We’ll announce those lessons as they launch.

What next?

We will be announcing new features, case studies, and examples both here and on our blog as we enter the new year. So be on the lookout for those emails to see how Toodledo is powering up and make sure you take advantage of the latest features and tips to upgrade your productivity.

We will test minor visual tweaks to the site, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

The rest of our plans and roadmap are on our feature request board. Curious on what’s next? We update it every two weeks (bi-weekly sprints) and we’re just getting started. While you’re there, help shape our roadmap by voting for what you’d like to see added next.

You can click into the cards to see more details, see what others in the community are saying, and add your voice and vote to the feature set. You can also sign up to get beta access here.


In December, we brought on the latest member of our team, Anthony. Anthony joins us after several years with other Bay Area startups and brings expertise and a proven track record in growth, marketing, and partnerships. He’ll be spearheading our new user acquisition, onboarding / content features, and community engagement.

As we’ve mentioned before, if you know a talented mobile developer (or are one with extra bandwidth), we’d like to talk to you! We’re hiring and looking for help, and appreciate any referrals. More help will enable us to pull more features into the roadmap timeline.

Anything else?

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, our users, for everything you’ve done to make Toodledo great. Your endless messages, participation in our community, and willingness to get on the phone with our team has helped build Toodledo into the powerful task management platform that it is today. We absolutely love hearing from you, so please reach out whenever you’d like to share any thoughts with us.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2019.


Aaron, CEO of Toodledo

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